Empowering a Sustainable Future with Strategic Energy Management

Omnium is a leading provider of bespoke energy management solutions to UK businesses. With a dedication to sustainability and efficiency, we work alongside our Partners to understand and optimise their energy usage, minimise costs, and work towards their sustainability goals. Together, we’re paving the way to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Your trusted partner in energy management.

Energy management and environmental sustainability choices are business critical decisions. 

At Omnium we utilise real-time data to help our partners make these decisions informed and accurate, we believe ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’

By understanding your energy usage we can increase sustainability, reduce unnecessary energy waste, and lower costs through Benchmarking, Streamlining, and Future-Proofing.

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• We start with energy audits to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for cost saving. This includes a review of your current and historic energy contracts.

• Data-Driven Insights: We collect and analyse your energy consumption data to establish benchmarks. We compare with industry standards and start applying best practices.

• Identify Inefficiencies: We pinpoint areas where energy is being wasted and develop strategies to enhance efficiency. This may include monitoring specific departments or areas of your business and working on behavioural change to fully maximise potential savings.



• Customised Energy Plans: We design personalised strategies to streamline your energy usage, accounting for your unique business needs and processes.

• Cutting-edge Technologies: We utilise the latest technologies and automation systems to optimise energy consumption and reduce waste. We provide Roi analysis to allow businesses to make considered financial choices. Real-time data analysis to monitor progress and effectiveness of solutions.

• Employee Engagement: We give you the tools to empower your team with knowledge and training to encourage sustainable practices and foster a culture of energy efficiency.



• Renewable Energy Integration: We help explore viable renewable energy sources to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and minimise your carbon footprint.

• Scalable Solutions: Omnium strategies adapt to your business's growth, ensuring long-term energy sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Compliance and Regulations: We ensure you stay ahead of changing energy regulations, policies and reporting requirements. Your business remains compliant, maximises energy efficiency and provides employees and future top talent with confidence that sustainability is an important part of your company culture.