Energy Monitoring

Maximising Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Operations

The Omnium monitoring system allows our partners to access and analyse their energy consumption in real time.

Whether you already have a sophisticated BMS, meter monitoring or no monitoring, Omnium can utilise your data and present on an intuitive, secure platform.

Displayed in a clear and user friendly format, our Omni-EM portal allows all end users to have access to the information they require to fulfil their role. The addition of displaying month on month savings in £’s has proved to be an effective way of managing department spend and encouraging positive behaviour change.

Employee engagement with cost saving has also been enhanced where carbon savings have been set as a business KPI.

Empower Your Business with Smart Energy Solutions

Our Energy Monitoring and Usage Reduction services leverage cutting-edge technology and expert insights to provide you with a robust framework for energy efficiency. From conducting comprehensive energy audits to implementing energy-saving measures, we deliver an all-encompassing solution. With Omnium, your business can optimise its energy consumption and make significant strides towards sustainability.

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Energy Audits

Conduct an energy audit to assess the current energy usage patterns of the site. This includes analysing energy bills, conducting on-site inspections, and reviewing equipment and processes that consume energy.

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Monitoring and Data Collection

Omnium instals energy monitoring devices, such as smart meters or submeters, to track energy consumption at different points within the premises. These devices provide real-time data on energy usage, allowing businesses to identify patterns, trends, and areas of high consumption.

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Data Analysis

The collected energy data is analysed using specialised software. We interpret the data and identify opportunities for energy savings. We use techniques like benchmarking to compare energy usage against industry standards or identify outliers.

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Energy Efficiency Recommendations

Based on the analysis, we suggest energy efficiency measures that our partners can implement to reduce energy consumption. This can include recommendations for upgrading equipment, optimising heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions, and improving insulation.

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Implementation and Monitoring

Omnium assists in implementing the recommended measures, coordinating with contractors or vendors as necessary. We also help in obtaining rebates or incentives for energy-saving initiatives. Once the changes are made, ongoing monitoring ensures that the energy reduction measures are effective and identifies any further opportunities for improvement.


Reporting and Performance Tracking

Omnium generates regular reports on energy consumption, cost savings, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. These reports help businesses track their progress and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability goals.

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Achieve Sustainability and Cost-Savings with Omnium

At Omnium, we’re passionate about paving the way for sustainable business operations through our comprehensive range of efficiency products.

Embrace a future where sustainability and economic efficiency go hand-in-hand. Our energy monitoring and usage reduction services pave the way for businesses to realise their sustainability goals without compromising on cost-efficiency. With Omnium, your journey towards enhanced environmental stewardship starts now.