Why Omnium?

The Omnium Way

We prioritise reduced energy consumption for our partners – simply, you don’t pay for what you don’t use. Whether that is achieved by adding technology or encouraging behavioural change of energy users by providing clear and relatable training, the Omnium Way is always partner focused.

We forward plan to ensure the best market rates are secured to allow accurate budgets and forecasting.

We assist our partners to achieve their sustainability goals. Whether driven by mandatory reporting requirements or a moral responsibility, by understanding their carbon impact, our partners can take effective action toward reduction – which is likely to be increasingly important to their clients, customers and employees.

45_Renewable Energy

Empowering Partners Towards Sustainability

Enabling businesses to embrace green energy practices.


Innovation-Led Approach

Championing progressive solutions for energy efficiency challenges.

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Energy Optimisation for All

Transforming energy management, driving global change.


Innovation-Driven Strategy

Tailoring modern energy solutions to align with your needs.


Cost-Effective Energy Management

Ensuring optimal usage for significant savings and efficiency.

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Sustainable Future Focused

Prioritising environment-friendly practices for a greener future.

Unique Benefits of Our Service

The Omnium team combine energy management and business operations expertise.

We understand the importance of making the right business choices including where financial investment should be prioritised. We ensure our partners can unlock the secrets of their data to take informed decisions without ever compromising comfort or safety.

Data driven advice is transparent, impartial and unbiased – values that Omnium are proud to follow.

As a founding member of the Energy Consultants Association and registered with the Ombudsman ADR scheme, we are confident  our valued clients, who we call partners, enjoy a tangible ROI by working with us.