Energy Procurement

Personalised Energy Procurement for Optimised Sustainability

Selecting the right energy contract for your business is vital. By working with you, Omnium can understand your risk tolerance, help provide accuracy for budgeting and find solutions that meet your requirements.

Our unbiased, impartial and transparent guidance, supported by accurate usage data, puts you in the best position.

With direct supplier relationships, our role continues throughout the term of the contract ensuring any queries are quickly raised and bills are accurate

Transforming Energy Sourcing Through Tailored Strategies

Embarking on your energy procurement journey with Omnium means leveraging our extensive expertise to establish energy sourcing strategies that truly fit your unique requirements. Whether it's analyzing consumption patterns, crafting bespoke procurement plans, negotiating favourable contracts, or integrating renewable energy options, we are committed to creating a sustainable, cost-efficient energy future for you. Trust in our process, and experience the power of strategic energy procurement.

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Energy Data Analysis

Omnium gather and analyse historical energy usage data. By identifying patterns and trends in energy consumption, we can pinpoint areas for potential cost savings and efficiency improvements.


Procurement Strategy Development

Based on the analysis of energy consumption patterns and efficiency improvements, Omnium develop a procurement strategy tailored to the partner’s needs. This strategy would include determining the best procurement methods, such as fixed-rate contracts, variable-rate contracts, or a combination of both, to minimise costs and manage risk.

Supplier Evaluation and Negotiation

Omnium research and evaluate energy suppliers in the market to identify those that offer competitive rates and favourable contract terms. We negotiate with suppliers on behalf of our partners to secure the most advantageous energy supply agreements.

Contract Management and Monitoring

Once energy supply agreements are in place, Omnium provides ongoing contract management services. This could involve monitoring energy prices, contract terms, and market conditions to ensure our partners are getting the best value from their energy contracts. We also assist with contract renewals or renegotiations as needed.

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Renewable Energy Integration

If our partners are interested in transitioning to renewable energy sources, Omnium can help explore options such as solar or wind power. We assess the feasibility, cost savings, and environmental benefits of renewable energy integration and guide through the implementation process.

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Streamlining Procurement for Sustainable Energy Outcomes

Overall, our energy procurement strategy is simply to support partners in optimising their energy procurement strategies, reduce costs, and increase sustainability.

At Omnium, we see beyond the traditional parameters of energy procurement. Our in-depth approach considers your unique operational needs, environmental commitments, and financial objectives to devise procurement strategies that serve you best.