8 Tailored Energy Monitoring Tools for Businesses

In the dynamic arena of modern business, leaders and managers are continuously searching for strategies to enhance operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs. Among these strategies, effective energy management stands out as a pivotal area with significant potential for optimisation.

The complexity of energy consumption patterns, combined with the urgency of environmental sustainability, places a premium on innovative solutions that can unveil the intricacies of energy use within an organisation.

Drawing upon years of expertise in energy management, this article introduces an array of tailored energy monitoring tools designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. By addressing the common challenges of high operational costs and the growing demand for sustainable practices, these tools offer a pathway to not only understand but also significantly improve energy consumption.

As we explore these cutting-edge solutions, readers will discover how to leverage real-time data and analytics to make impactful decisions, fostering a culture of efficiency and responsibility.

The journey towards optimised energy management and reduced environmental footprint begins here, promising actionable insights for businesses ready to embrace change and innovation.

EnergyCAP Smart Analytics

How can businesses save up to 90% of their time spent analysing energy data? EnergyCAP Smart Analytics offers a practical solution through its real-time data integration and actionable insights.

This software simplifies energy management by providing consumption trend analysis, operations wastage analysis, and machine-learning capabilities.

Starting at $350 per month, EnergyCAP Smart Analytics offers businesses the tools to drive efficiency and make informed decisions. With connectivity features, it allows integration with various devices and systems, offers real-time issue alerts, and enables measurement and verification of energy projects.

By leveraging EnergyCAP Smart Analytics, businesses gain access to a comprehensive platform for energy monitoring and management. This empowers them to take control of their energy usage, optimise efficiency, and reduce costs.

With its data-driven approach, EnergyCAP Smart Analytics equips businesses with the insights they need to make impactful changes, ultimately leading to improved energy management and substantial cost savings.

Process Street

Process Street is a versatile and efficient tool designed to streamline energy management workflows and optimise processes with customisable templates and automation features. This platform empowers businesses to monitor commercial energy usage, improve energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs. It enables the tracking of energy consumption data, facilitating informed decision-making for energy optimisation. With Process Street, businesses can effectively manage their carbon footprint and enhance their commitment to renewable energy initiatives.

  • Customisable Templates: Process Street offers a range of customisable templates specifically tailored for energy management, allowing businesses to adapt the tool to their unique needs and processes.
  • Automation Features: The platform provides automation features that enable the seamless execution of energy management tasks, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Intuitive Interface: With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Process Street makes it easy for businesses to navigate and utilise its energy management capabilities.
  • Collaborative Capabilities: The tool facilitates team collaboration on energy-related tasks and processes, promoting effective communication and teamwork.

Johnson Controls’ Metasys

Johnson Controls’ Metasys offers a powerful and comprehensive building automation system that extends beyond energy management to encompass HVAC, lighting, and security. It seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure for modernisation and enhanced operational efficiency.

This advanced system provides businesses with in-depth insights into energy consumption, enabling them to optimise energy usage and enhance sustainability efforts. With real-time monitoring, analytics, and control capabilities, businesses can identify energy wastage and take actionable steps to improve efficiency.

Johnson Controls’ Metasys also equips businesses with energy management software solutions that enable scheduling and automation for efficient operations. Moreover, the system provides alerts for critical events or anomalies, ensuring timely intervention and proactive management.

EnergyCAP (Wattics)

EnergyCAP (Wattics) offers businesses a streamlined solution for utility bill processing, tracking, and comprehensive reporting, enhancing energy management and cost control.

This energy management software provides real-time monitoring, automatic alerts, and energy analytics to identify inefficiencies and improve operational efficiency.

By centralising energy and utility data, EnergyCAP enables measurement and verification, allowing businesses to accurately track their energy usage and costs.

Additionally, the software facilitates forecasting and budgeting for energy expenses, helping businesses to plan and allocate resources effectively.

Moreover, EnergyCAP compares energy usage against industry standards, providing valuable insights for performance evaluation and benchmarking.

Furthermore, the software aids businesses in monitoring and managing carbon emissions, supporting sustainability initiatives and environmental responsibility.


Smarkia is an advanced energy management platform that offers real-time insights and comprehensive analysis by collecting data from various sources. It provides complete visibility into overall power consumption, enabling businesses to monitor and analyse their energy usage effectively.

One of the key features of Smarkia is its ability to optimise energy procurement by forecasting usage patterns and identifying cost-saving opportunities. Moreover, the platform supports sustainable practices by monitoring and managing carbon emissions, aligning with businesses’ environmental objectives.

Smarkia empowers businesses to make informed decisions for energy optimisation strategies by providing valuable data and insights. It also facilitates predictive maintenance, helping to prevent potential equipment failures and costly downtime.

With its advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, Smarkia is designed to assist businesses in identifying energy-saving opportunities and reaching their energy efficiency goals. This makes Smarkia an essential tool for businesses that seek to implement robust energy management solutions and drive sustainable practices.


SkySpark, an analytics platform tailored for smart buildings, optimises performance and enhances energy efficiency through real-time anomaly detection and predictive insights. This energy management platform is designed to help businesses identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to reduce overall power consumption, leading to significant cost savings.

The features of SkySpark include real-time data analysis, allowing users to detect anomalies and system inefficiencies as they occur, and to predict future trends for proactive energy management. Additionally, the platform enables users to define specific rules and operational needs, providing a high level of control over energy data and consumption.


After exploring the capabilities of SkySpark in optimising energy efficiency for businesses, a focus on the renewable energy software management and optimisation provided by Inavitas presents an opportunity to delve further into AI-driven analytics for maximising generation, storage, and consumption efficiency.

Inavitas specialises in energy management solutions for commercial buildings, offering a platform that enables real-time monitoring and remote energy control. Utilising AI-driven analytics, Inavitas maximises overall power generation, storage, and consumption efficiency. The company’s software allows businesses to identify savings and optimise their renewable energy systems through predictive modelling.

With a practical and data-driven approach, Inavitas provides businesses with the tools to effectively manage their renewable energy assets, ensuring that power consumption is optimised for cost savings and sustainability. By leveraging Inavitas’ solutions, businesses can take control of their renewable energy systems, making informed decisions to enhance their overall energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.


Facilio offers a unified building management platform that integrates IoT for data collection and monitoring, providing predictive maintenance and energy optimisation to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Facilio empowers businesses to monitor energy use, reduce energy costs, and make informed decisions through real-time data and analytics. The platform utilises machine learning to analyse utility consumption patterns, enabling proactive measures to optimise energy usage.

With sustainability management at its core, Facilio enables businesses to track and manage their environmental impact effectively. The platform provides comprehensive utility monitoring, allowing businesses to gain insights into their energy consumption and identify areas for improvement.

By offering real-time data on energy usage, Facilio enables informed decision-making, ultimately leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. The integration of tenant comfort management further enhances the overall experience while maintaining energy efficiency.

Facilio’s data-driven approach ensures that businesses have the tools they need to effectively manage their energy consumption and operational efficiency.

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